The SIEUSOIL prototypes will be demonstrated at commercial Pilot farms in representative regions in EU and China. This will be deployed, in a joint venture of the local multi-actor stakeholders, for different crops (e.g., wheat, corn, potato, sunflower, rape, tomato, onion, vegetables, vine, and fruit trees). Pilots are selected according to major crops grown in intensive production, that of major nutrient and water consumption and to the most promising precursor applications and implementation conditions. The stakeholder component will be tuned to the specific agricultural challenge in the area.

All elements of the SIEUSOIL prototypes will be factually (physically, electronically) brought together by:
1) Setup of local WebGIS configuration.
2) Set-up of ground-based IoT for proximal sensors with two-way connection with central SIEUSOIL platform.
3) Setup of earth observation (EO) images procurement and production line.
4) Training of core users in WebGIS & use of proximal sensors.
5) Joint definition of validation criteria & protocol.
6) Short “dry run” (2-4 weeks) of all deployed elements together for testing purposes.

The demonstration campaign will activate all SIEUSOIL elements in a given Pilot area. This includes generating all products for participatory evaluation and validation with users.

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