EU Pilot 1.


The VITO Pilot consists of the entire Flanders region, which is located in the North of Belgium, totaling at a farm field of 13,500 km².This pilot is in close connection with precision agriculture. The overall objective in Flanders is to balance agricultural intensification with climate resilience and environmental concerns amidst high pressures on land, water, and soil. The pilot innovation lies within the combination of satellite remote sensing, soil‐crop modelling and data mining with the aim to increase soil productivity, reduce environmental impact and enhance climate resilience at the field to farm and regional scale.


VITO, the Flemish institute for technological research, provides high level services, multi-disciplinary assistance and applied research in the fields of environment, energy and materials. The Remote Sensing Unit focuses on monitoring and modelling by means of earth observation to include image processing for environment, vegetation, climate and agriculture monitoring at different resolutions, and the development of new remote sensing data platforms and instruments.