EU Pilot 4.


Farm Noll, located in the Central Bohemia Region of the Czech Republic covers around 2ha within an overall farm area of 290 ha. Soil in the experimental field (sandy‐loam) has a low water retention capacity. The main challenge is to improve water retention in the selected pilot area and increase the content of organic material. This Pilot and its activities bring several innovations. Although the use of biochar as a soil improver is already well known, there are still many innovative applications to be investigated, regarding mixtures with conventional organic matters and different ways of application even at a large scale and at different operational conditions. Building up of the comprehensive overview of new or existing fragmented data from the field as well as from advanced IT systems (incl. EO data and data gained from regional, national and global databases) and identification of their relations will facilitate further development and implementation of the method including. market uptake.


LESPROJEKT-SLUŽBY Ltd, as a small innovative firm, has vast experience in applying research results in practice. A long- term focus of LESPROJEKT-SLUŽBY Ltd is on commercialization of research results as products and services. LESPROJEKT- SLUŽBY Ltd plays a crucial role in the market for more than 20 years and focuses mainly on commercial activities in agriculture, forestry, environment, crisis management, and transport.