EU Pilot 2.


The Czech pilot is the Farm ROSTENICE, a.s., of an overall area of 10 000 ha in the South Moravia Region. The current pilot challenges are related to the high soil variability that characterizes land, high water erosion risk and underground water pollution, which limits the application of nitrogen fertilizers and pesticides. The pilot innovations include setting up decision‐making mechanisms from the information collected to ensure optimal application of plant nutrient and protection products and analyzing the collected spatial data from mobile sensors to compare with other variability indicators.


LESPROJEKT-SLUŽBY Ltd, as a small innovative firm, has vast experience in applying research results in practice. A long- term focus of LESPROJEKT-SLUŽBY Ltd is on commercialization of research results as products and services. LESPROJEKT- SLUŽBY Ltd plays a crucial role in the market for more than 20 years and focuses mainly on commercial activities in agriculture, forestry, environment, crisis management, and transport.