EU Pilot 5.


The University of Pannonia (UP) pilot is located in the southwestern part of Hungary close to Lake Balaton which is the largest freshwater lake in central Europe. The pilot area is about 800 ha and covers two different farms. A large number of site‐specific management practices is applied in the field, however, the efficiency and the profitability of these techniques isn’t evaluated. The pilot’s objective is to evaluate the practical applicability of management practices. In the frames of this pilot and to serve site-specific management practices innovative 3D soil properties map and visualized 3D soil moisture content will be produced, as well as computer aided weed detection and spatial analyses.


The Georgikon Faculty of the University of Pannonia (UP) is the first regular agricultural higher education institution in Europe (established in 1797), and it performs extensive international research programs in soil and environmental sciences, land use, plant production as well as agro-informatics. Additionally, the Faculty is in charge of organizing and supervising the National Long-term Field Trial Network.  UP also carries out basic and applied research and development in the field of agricultural sciences, participates in the dissemination of professional and scientific knowledge, and works in cooperation with organisations involved in agriculture, the food industry, rural development, environment protection and sustainable development.